HanPHONE IVR Cornerstones Creative Promotion

(Hong Kong, 28 August 2009) Market promotion moves with time. A prominent bank connects IVR and interactive games in their latest promotion campaign to attract prospective customers to their newly released credit card with built-in popular Octopus card functions. Participants are invited to compose a short music clips in a web based application for broadcast to friends whose mobile contacts are input at the same time. The award winning HanPHONE IVR technology will instantly pick up the information from the web application and call the contacts. The automatic outbound call will play the music followed by inviting the recipient to subscribe the special promotion offer

KanHan's HanPHONE IVR one-stop rental service with embedded SMS and fax functions serves to many creative promotional campaigns like this one. Scalability, flexibility and reliability of the rental service backed by our seasoned technical staff warrant first grade service to diverse designs of promotional campaign taking advantage of the latest web, mobile telephony technologies.

HanPHONE IVR Flow diagram

1. Users fill in telephone contact of friends in a website to participate in the credit card promotional campaign

2. Telephone contacts will be fed to HanPHONE IVR's database for outbound calls.

3. Friends will receive an instruction to access promotion web page for privileged offers.

4. Users can use telephone key pad or voice mail to feedback their response to the campaign.

5. Status report is to be prepared by request by campaign administrator at any time..

6. Campaign organizers can access to HanPHONE IVR 's web based administrative console to monitor real-time campaign status