HanPHONE IVR Replaces the Land Registry Telephone Enquiry System With Improved Service and Stability

(Hong Kong, 15 October 2009) With increasing demand in customer hotline enquiry, The Land Registry of The HKSAR Government has launched a HanPHONE IVR based new interactive response system (IVRS) replacing the years-old proprietary system which is difficult and expensive to maintain.
To facilitate improvement on functions to raise service level, HanPHONE IVR 3.0 supports fault-tolerant architecture using an additional HanPHONE IVR server and Network Attached Storage (NAS) system. The new resilience design provides an IVR application with maximum uptime by eliminating any single point of failure.

HanPHONE Structure diagram

The whole system is built on two separate industrial-grade servers at the data centers of The Land Registry located in Sai Kung and Admiralty with call flow development done and deployed in 30 days. The new system comes with 24 telephone lines support, 16 more than the old system and are equally distributed between the two data centers for resilience and load-balancing. In addition, KanHan has retagged all voice scripts in the IVR system by offering professional voice-over talents in Cantonese, Putonghua and English.

Since 2003, KanHan has been serving various HKSAR Government Departments and Bureau to design new and replace old IVR systems. From professional design of call flow, installation of hardware and creation of sophisticated call log reports, HanPHONE IVR is a choice for clients to upgrade without exorbitant investments.

The Land Registry Customer Service Hotline : 3105 0000 (24 Lines)