HanWEB is Cloud Computing Ready

(Hong Kong, 15 January 2010) KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) announced the latest HanWEB family member - HanWEB 5.0 CC which well illustrates the concept of "Cloud Computing" technology. The first deployment of HanWEB 5.0 CC has launched successfully for Census and Statistics Department (C&SD) in early December 2009. A simplified Chinese interface to its website has been converted by HanWEB 5 CC with hosting in The E-Government Infrastructure Services (EGIS).

The E-Government Infrastructure Services (EGIS) was first built in 2004 by HKSAR Government's Office of Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) carried the strategic objectives to facilitate the sharing of e-service infrastructure among government departments. Its Application Hosting Service (AHS) allows departments to bring in web application server software for serving the general public. EGIS follows the global "Cloud Computing" trend requiring the hosted web applications to be compliant with J2EE architecture.

In 2008, with the dismantle of central hosting of HanWEB Translation Server on a cluster of dedicated AIX machines by OGCIO due to expansion of SHS scope to include Web Content Management System (WCMS) in its service offerings, some government departments called for alternatives on hosting simplified Chinese on-the-fly translation solution. Hosting HanWEB in EGIS is one of the options for departments using less effort in routine maintenance with cost saving and reliable security.

C&SD is one of the departments in government choosing EGIS's website hosting service. For cost and security reasons, C&SD finds hosting a non J2EE compliant HanWEB outside EGIS is not feasible. Under the requirement of hosting in EGIS, all application should be compatible in "One JBOSS Application Server instance in each of the shared server running in cluster mode for each project". Thus, C&SD consulted with KanHan for a possible J2EE compliant HanWEB for EGIS hosting in May 2009. A contract for the J2EE work was subsequently awarded in August 2009. The HanWEB 5.0 CC was completed and delivered to EGIS for final integration with C&SD's website in December leading to the official launch.

HanWEB 5.0 CC Workflow in EGIS
HanWEB 5.0 CC Workflow in EGIS

The arrival of HanWEB 5.0 CC provides government departments a cost effective all-rounded hosting solution of their web application in EGIS should they choose to continue the on-the-fly simplified Chinese translation for various reasons.