Holiday season is near KanHan e-Cards bring the cheer

(Hong Kong, 15 October 2011) Christmas is around the corner! KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) has shouldered an important mission this year to design Holiday Greeting e-Cards for 5 different departments of The Hong Kong SAR Government: Audit Commission, Civil Aviation Department, Drainage Services Department, Labour and Welfare Bureau, and the Primary Care Office of the Department of Health, to celebrate the holidays with Hong Kong citizens.

KanHan has created a series of e-Cards of original design concept, meeting the unique requirements of each department.

Drainage Services Department
Drainage Services Department e-card
 Labour and Welfare Bureau
Labour and Welfare Bureau e-card
 Civil Aviation Department
Civil Aviation Department e-card
Audit Commission
Audit Commission e-card
 The Primary Care Office
The Priamry Care Office e-card
 Audit Commission
Audit Commission e-card

KanHan provides to clients for each e-Card an original design concept with choice of sceneries, animation figures, colour themes and background music. In working closely with prospective clients, the entry to e-Card design service for government departments has received overwhelming response. All e-Cards are delivered on time in the space of 3 weeks.

Design with animation concept

Design with animation concept

KanHan continues to expand our service scope for government departments in promoting the one-stop service partnership for all their digital creation and design needs in communicating with the public including but not limited to website, e-Card, social media and mobile App designs.