KanHan Designs Mobile Application for Labour Department to Help Young Job Seekers

KanHan Designs Mobile Application for Labour Department to Help Young Job Seekers

(Hong Kong, 31st May 2014)

KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) as an experienced mobile application developer particularly for government projects is pleased to be assigned by the Labour Department to design the mobile application to help guide the teenagers to seek their future career path which is one of the uttermost important tasks to be achieved in the Hong Kong society.

Youth Employment Start (“Y.E.S.”) mobile application provides the latest employment support information to young people aged between 15 and 29 who legally reside and work in Hong Kong. Young people can use this application to acquire information of facilities and services provided by Y.E.S. Moreover, young people can apply for various facilities and services through this application.

Main Interface

Simplicity and user-friendliness can be highly experienced in Y.E.S. mobile application. With a glimpse to its main interface, there is a clear-cut organization of the contents and several easily understandable icons are designed to tell what are the sections about. On top of the main interface, a rolling banner will be shown to provide the latest promotion and information from Y.E.S. and it is clickable for users to access further information. Y.E.S. mobile application also provides multi-language (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese & English) to cater for various users.

 Y.E.S. mobile app1     Y.E.S. mobile app 2

Workshops & Seminars

“Workshops & Seminars” is considered to be a significant feature of the Y.E.S. mobile application. It provides information about the latest workshops & seminars organized by Y.E.S. which also shows complete and accurate details such as the course type, trainer and application deadline. Users may also utilize the built-in “Search” function to look for what they want. Young job seekers are guaranteed they will never get out of date with this application.

  Y.E.S. mobile app 3     Y.E.S. mobile app 4

Member Area

If the users happen to be a member of Y.E.S., they can now enjoy the “Member Area” in the mobile application. Simply enter their User ID and Password and they are able to access their account without much effort. It saves your time from browsing from your desktop and makes it happen on your mobile devices.

Contact Us

“Contact US” is no more than just showing a contact no. and address. Y.E.S. mobile application incorporates Google Map into it and presents a concrete and exact location to users who wish to visit Y.E.S. centres. Facebook, emails and homepage address are also included.

 Y.E.S. mobile app 6     Y.E.S. mobile app 7

Push Notification

Y.E.S. mobile application is equipped with “Push Notification” which users can optionally select what to receive based on their needs. A message will be popped up on their phones’ notification centre  once a push notification is sent by Y.E.S. to users. It is highly effective that young job seekers can receive useful information without opening the application.

Y.E.S. mobile app 8

Download Link:

ITunes (iOS): https://itunes.apple.com/hk/app/youth-employment-start/id796952813?mt=8

Google Play (Android):  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.labourdepartmenthk.yes

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