KanHan developed a unified call center solution for Consumer Council

(Hong Kong, 28 Feb 2013)

Since 2000, the HanPHONE Interactive Voice Response (HanPHONE IVR) system has been serving many government departments and business enterprises by providing a powerful web based telephony system for diverse enquiry applications. Attracted by KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan)'s cost-effectiveness and abundant experience in telephony applications, Consumer Council has chosen KanHan to develop a new Call Center system with embedded IVR and IP-PBX functions near the closing of 2012 in replacing her aging proprietary customer service hotline system. The new system equipped with the latest IP based Call Center functions has been rolled out serving the public in February.

The new system was built on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies. It allows Consumer Council handles a large number of phone lines and extensions from different call centers via the Internet with no extra hardware or wiring required.

Moreover, the solution provides real time management interface and a custom made agent program and console. When customer service agents login their account, a pop-up screen will immediately show them status of telephone lines, incoming calls, unanswered voice mails and other activities needed prompt attention. Functions such real-time monitoring ad coaching, conference call and barge-in empower supervisors to manage diverse aspects of the call center. Analytical reports can be generated on demand aiding further enhancement planning and tuning of the center performance.

Call Center flow

Figure 1: Call Center flow

Key features:

  • Create a virtual enterprise through Internet, breaking the boundary between the Head office to multi-call center
  • Provide flexibility and interaction control interface in handling incoming calls, unanswered voice mails, in-house developed contact list and even incoming emails and fax.
  • Scalability and flexibility to fine-tune and maintain the call center work flow and system.
  • Agent program & console deliver real time screen pop-up, provide application of call center monitor and control.
  • Allow roaming agents across different office sites. Supervisors can review and create ad-hoc message by an off-site call.
Real time management interface and agent program

Figure 2: Real time management interface and agent program

The HanPHONE Contact Center Suite of software runs concurrently on two HanPHONE IP PBX servers to warrant round-the-clock, resilient public service. It interlaces with human voice prompts recorded by KanHan's professional voice talents in Cantonese, Putonghua and English. KanHan's one-stop service has successfully completed the replacement project for Consumer Council within three months. This achievement marks a new page of KanHan's HanPHONE Contact Center solution.