KanHan e-Marketing: Implementing Web 2.0 e-Marketing Concept for Branding Consolidation and Building Interactive Customer Relationship

(Hong Kong, 24 May 2010) KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) offers a series of quality, trendy and innovative e-Marketing campaigns for our clients. Recently, our client has begun to embrace the Web 2.0 e-Marketing concepts developed by KanHan. The concepts cover consolidation of branding creativity, information sharing and participant collaboration. The new Web 2.0 campaign strengthens customers'identification with the brand by having their direct participation in the promotion.

 Successful Case Sharing: Interactive Online Photo Sharing Prize Game

In the aspect of our multimedia services, Ricola has introduced web 2.0 e-marketing campaign to promote its refreshing branding image through two interactive online games in Hong Kong & China and China only, Ricola Swiss Refreshing Snapshot Sharing Prize Game (RCSPG) and Ricola Swiss - Smiling Face Prize Game (RSSPG) respectively.
RCSPG promotional ad RCSPG promotional ad
game interface After entering a special purchase receipt serial number, player will try to maneuver a smiling face to eat the right flying objects for points. Scored points are recorded and the top ten players are displayed


Three Client Benefits of Our e-Marketing Campaign

1. Branding Consolidation

Our quality graphic design impresses customers with the refreshing and stylish Swiss brand in the game.

  • Game Design

Customers are required to enter their profile and purchasing records in order to play the game or to share their photos. Those information are remembered and displayed every time when the game is played to encourage more product purchases, thus more chances to play the games and win prizes.
As a result, brand image is consolidated by boosting up spending incentive and branding interactivity.

  • Game Setting

2. Increase Customer Involvement

Interactive photo sharing invites further customer participation, making the promotional messages more lasting in customer memory.


3. Establish 3D eMarketing Channels

Marketing channel extends from print layout to interactive internet. Interactivity, sharing and collaboration have contributed to an all-rounded e-Marketing campaign.


KanHan's integrated e-Marketing promotion services offer clients innovative marketing campaigns in most -channelss. These services include web site and multimedia design, eFax ,and SMS online broadcast and hosted HanPHONE IVR applications such as lucky draw, membership award enquiry and customer survey.

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*Note: The below web games are only available in Chinese language.

Ricola Swiss Refreshing Snapshot Sharing Prize Game (Hong Kong Version)

Ricola Swiss Refreshing Photo Sharing Prize Game (China Version)

Ricola Swiss - Smile Prize Game (China Version)