KanHan e-Putonghua Online Platform Awarded Silver in Hong Kong ICT Award 2011 On Learning & Living New e-Learning Trend Breaking Conventional School Text-Book Shackle

(Hong Kong, 15 April 2011) KanHan Educational Services Limited (KanHan)'s pioneering e-Putonghua Online Platform (ePTH) wins amongst fierce competition a Silver award of Hong Kong ICT Award 2011 in the category of Best Life Style Award in Learning & Living. The Award further recognizes the achievement of ePTH in providing a web based curriculum for teaching and learning Putonghua, an exemplary e-Learning success.

KanHan has since 2003 been developing ePTH series covering majority of the Hong Kong population from age 6 to 60. The ePTH series are web based curriculum facilitating the teaching and self-paced learning of Putonghua. The curriculum are rich in professionally prepared contents and are carefully organized to suit students of diverse abilities and age groups, from the Kids PTH (http://kids.putonghuaonline.com) for primary school students to Teens PTH (http://teens.putonghuaonline.com) for secondary school students and the adult version ePTH (http://www.putonghuaonline.com). State-of-the-art language technologies are deployed to enliven the learning platform in the form of a virtual teacher such that students are able to learn Putonghua anytime anyplace with her assistance. The ePTH endeavors to evolve into the world's first global Putonghua online school.

The Kids and Teens PTH platforms are particularly designed following the Education Bureau's specified curriculum for Hong Kong primary and secondary school usage. The professionally produced multimedia based contents are frequently refreshed with prevailing topics of interest in hope of making the learning more interesting and lively. The school platforms are ideal replacement of the rigid text book approach in teaching Putonghua. Teachers can follow the teaching plan to conduct classroom teaching while the students can set their own pace in learning.

The ePTH platforms are developed using standard HTML and php open technologies making them easily available for central hosted and managed in a Cloud environment for easy access with no hassle of using special programs, only a standard Internet browser is needed. Upon successful completion of a ePTH course, users are even able to download a graduation certificate for proficiency recognition, a true fulfillment of self-paced online learning.

Collaboration is the core concept of Web 2.0. KanHan believes the interaction between people can bring a wider perspective of knowledge to students, and the WEB can provide unlimited teaching materials for teachers. Fully embracing the Web 2.0 ideals, KanHan aspires to bring teachers with boundless and diverse teaching materials and to empower students navigating freely and far in the sea of learning. The ePTH platforms are KanHan's first of a series of Web 2.0 based curriculum helping schools and corporations develop their own teaching materials with learning tracking mechanism. With the Web 2.0 concept of sharing of teaching materials, KanHan aims to gradually unshackle Hong Kong schools' reliance on conventional, canned text book approach of language teaching.