KanHanCMI advancing Rehabus Call Center operation

KanHanCMI advancing Rehabus Call Center operation

(Hong Kong, 30 March 2013)

Subvented by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and managed by the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation, the “Rehabus Service” dedicates to providing accessible transport services for the people with disabilities to travel between workplaces, schools, medical treatments and public places since the establishment in 1978. The service provides telephone booking hotline in four categories: Dial-a-Ride, Scheduled Route Service, Pooled Dial-a-Ride and Feeder Service, which allows customers to choose the suitable transportation service.

This year, the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation entrusts KanHan Technologies (KanHan) to retrofit her telephone operation with a new call center system with integrated interactive voice response (IVR) function to cope with the increasing call volume. The purpose is to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness in the call center operation by deploying the latest IP based telephony solution of KanHan Client Management Infrastructure (KanHan CMI). In addition to an improved call response workflow, the new call center system also provides an array of management reports to monitor the overall performance of the operation down to individual customer service agent in ensuring service quality.

System Design

Figure 1: System Design

Key features of HanPHONE IVR and Call Center functions of KanHanCMI:

  • Streamline the call-booking procedure and reduce waiting time of Rehabus service hotline.
  • Provide the function of Auto Dialer, an automatic way to inform, remind and confirm the users regarding their booking information. This function can also be used to conduct telephone surveys with a list of selected customers to give rating and scores by pressing designated telephone keys.
  • Provide a real time management interface and agent console, customer services staff can login their account in computer to access the status of telephone hotlines including incoming calls, unanswered voice mails and other activities needed prompt attention.
  • Create a user-friendly interface for staff to modify the call flow, placing recorded voice files and install voice mail box. In addition, Text-to-Speech function is integrated which can convert the text in MS excel or other common format files for playing in audio format.
  • Create an automatic reporting system to allow supervisor obtaining activities logging, performance and other statistical reports readily exported to MS excel format.
  • Support Fax-on-demand, enhance the communication channel of Rehabus service to the customers.

With the wealth in experience of developing IVR solutions and accessibility technologies, KanHan now offers a one-stop service to government departments, community organizations and enterprises for various customer service solutions over internet and telephone network.