KanHan's creativity builds up "Joyful Fruit Day 2010" Learning Platform

(Hong Kong, 15 December 2009) After the website development for Department of Health (DOH) - Eat Smart at Restaurant (http://restaurant.eatsmart.gov.hk/b5/home.asp) campaign on 2008, KanHan is honored to participate in the system development for "Joyful Fruit Day 2010" (FD2010) Learning Platform event. The FD2010 event is co-organized by the Department of Health, Education and Manpower Bureau, Committee on Home-School Co-operation, Hong Kong Education City and some community associations, aiming to foster home-school co-operation to create an atmosphere that favors adequate consumption of fruit among students. The KanHan originated learning and quiz platform enlivened by interactive functions with creative designs, anticipates attracting over 100,000 primary school students accessing the platform. The platform functions include:

(1) Time control of system: A customized program is set to control the operation hour of "Student Zone" in the platform with daily open hour from 7am to 10pm. Participated students could only access and answer pre-set fruit related questions during the authorized time.

(2) Real-time ranking: An online quiz module in form of multiple-choice questions will be randomly drawn from pool of questions by system. The randomization of the questions will be run automatically at the FD2010 platform. Score will be recorded under the database with real-time ranking displays to all subscripted schools and students.

(3) Multiple user interfaces: A group of more than 200 questions will be provided for lower primary students (P.1 - P.3) and another set of questions for upper primary students (P.4 - P.6). The user interfaces of the platform can be alternated according students' registered levels.

Joyful Fruit Day 2010 webpage

Joyful Fruit Day 2010 webpage
Joyful Fruit Day 2010 webpage(4) Animated design: Various formats of questions can be generated in the platform (e.g. drag-and drop, pictorial format and interactive response format) to arouse students' interests in learning the benefits of fruit intake for protection against chronic illnesses. With voice recording of each question, the key message and information are delivered more lively.


(5) Automatic alert: System will generate a popup alert if students log out before completing the quiz of the day In accordance with the learning results, the platform will generate different encouragement message to students.

(6) Administrative modules: An administrative interface is available for teachers monitoring students' learning progress as well as for DOH staff assessing the success of the event.
e-Certificate Printing Module: For students succeeded meeting their learning target with the rewarding stamps, they will be reminded to print a personalized e-Certificate signifying their achievement.

With years of project experience on websites designs and developments, KanHan is capable in providing creative and multi-functional website designs and applications. Integrating with HanPHONE IVR, HanWEB Fanjian Publishing server or SMS broadcast service, clients could enjoy all-rounded communication channels to achieve maximized promotion effects.

Joyful Fruit Day 2010 website: http://eatsmart.proj.hkedcity.net/eatsmart/index.php