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(Hong Kong, 15 August 2010) KanHan Educational Services Limited (KanHan EDU) today announced that the company is becoming a fully owned subsidiary of a public listed company M-Dream China (Holdings) Limited (Stock code 8100). The new corporate structure will provide KanHan EDU the necessary resources powering the expansion into a comprehensive service e-publisher catering to the needs of the education and training industry in the adoption of e-learning.

KanHan EDU began its first e-publishing endeavor as early as 2003, in providing Hong Kong the first self-paced Putonghua eLearning platform for working group(e-Putonghua). The initiative has since been further invigorated into publishing a number of other Chinese related online learning platforms for the primary and secondary school market

  • KIDS and TEENS Putonghua Online Platform: a set of online curriculums suitable for primary and secondary schools’ teaching and learning Putonghua as a subject.
  • KanHan Zhong Wen Wang: a Chinese language improvement program based on regular reading.
  • KanHan IS Chinese Learning Platform: a Chinese learning curriculum designed for non-Chinese speaking students.
In fall winter of 2010, KanHan EDU will be releasing more applications associating with online learning. The newest learning tool will be presented as an iPhone application for mobile learning. Combining a series of popular local flavored words and terms into one handy transliteration dictionary, no longer learning is limited at schools or classrooms.

The new version of e-Putonghua is confirmed to release by mid of September. A new interface with new contents provides users an easy and relaxing experience in learning Putonghua online. The platform also provides mock tests based on the examination framework set by the China's National Linguistics Work Committee on Putonghua, helping users assess their Putonghua standard.

To further strengthen the Chinese learning platforms, KanHan EDU will provide more new channels in the 2010-2011 school term, which includes:

  • Fable Stories, a short fable story that teaches Primary students the fun of reading.
  • Teachings of Confucius, the collection of Confucian philosophy literature.
  • Writing Appreciation, allows student to submit their writing assignments online for sharing and appreciation among classmates.

These channels incorporate further technologies to let teachers and students experience true digital learning while they are using KanHan EDU’s online platforms.

“Knowledge is the basis of learning, and learning materials can be anywhere.” Collaboration is the core concept of Web 2.0, KanHan EDU believes, the interaction with other people can bring a wider perspective of knowledge to students, and also provide unlimited teaching materials for teachers. Fully embracing the Web 2.0 ideals, KanHan EDU aspires to “Bring teachers with boundless and diverse teaching materials, empowering students to navigate freely and far in the sea of learning.”