Marine Department replaced the old voice recording system with the new HanPHONE DVR

With the accumulated years of experience developing telephony systems since 2003, KanHan has launched a tailor-made telephony system (HanPHONE IVRS) to government departments, providing thousands of simultaneous hotlines that based on HanPHONE technology for public use. Recently, an upgrade version of the digital telephone recording system that is using the latest Internet-based technologies and services (HanPHONE DVR) has launched, tailor-made specifically for the government, our service including a new system installation, upgrading old systems and data migration.

HanPHONE system can meet the needs of different agencies, from telephone voice system (HanPHONE IVRS), call centers (HanPHONE Contact Centre) to a digital telephone recording system (HanPHONE DVR). The "one-stop" service helps departments to reach the public with the most convenient and direct way, while ensuring a reasonable price to set a full-featured phone system.

Marine Department has already switched and replace the old VoiceLink system with our new HanPHONE DVR recording in August 2015. Existing files of Voice Link can be migrated to the new system with a single interface, supervisors are able to access the old and new recordings using HanPHONE DVR anytime, while eliminating the needs of retaining both the old and new systems.


Introduction of user interface

Login the web portal, select “Call Log” under main menu in the web portal.



Using digital recording allows more convenient record keeping and enhance productive archive of files. Records can further be used for unify management and make additional analysis easily. KanHan digital recording has been widely used in various government departments and agencies, with our superior design and reasonable set-up costs, so that customers feel at ease for client service and hotline recording record.