More Public Libraries deploy HanPHONE IVR in 7 x 24 Customer Services

(Hong Kong, 16 July 2010) Since the first launch of HanPHONE IVR at Central Library under Leisure and Cultural Services Department on 2004, KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) has deployed advance telephone IVR system to four more public libraries namely: City Hall Public Library, Kowloon Public Library, Tung Chung Public Library and Tin Shiu Wai Public Library apply HanPHONE-cored IVR to enhance the customer hotline services to mass public. The 24 hours multi-function based telephone system facilitates "people first always" public services to citizens. Various advantages include:

 1. Improvement on public libraries' services

With core technology built on HanPHONE IVR, the new systems can save human resources on daily enquiry by providing information via telephone (e.g. library’s opening hour, details on application for library card, etc).  In addition, the automatic IVR system extends services hour to cater citizens’ needs.

2. Voice prompt function

The newly established system enables users to  modify voice prompt messages by themselves under different circumstances. Such as bad weather announcement which can take effect in a matter of minutes. The communication channel allows citizens access to emergency service notices most conveniently.  

3. Simple system setup

From design to deployment, KanHan is capable to arrange in a short period of time. Clients are able to establish self-owned telephone enquiry system in a most cost effective way. To ensure the smooth-and-sound delivery of services, KanHan will arrange onsite training to client for training on usage and daily operation on HanPHONE IVR.

The award winning HanPHONE IVR system developed by KanHan, is a highly customizable telephony platform enabling all sorts of interactive voice response applications. To adapt high demanding of functions in telephone system and the merging of Internet IP and telephony technologies, HanPHONE IVR is now undergoing a series of system upgrade. KanHan believes that the new upgrade of HanPHONE IVR will be a wise choice for clients to setup a comprehensive telephone system in a short future.

5 Public Libraries installed HanPHONE IVR:

  • City Hall Public Library: 2921 2555
  • Tung Chung Public Library: 2109 3001
  • Tin Shui Wai Public Library: 2126 7520
  • Kowloon Public Library: be launched by August 2010
  • Central Library (installed in 2004): 3150 1234
Diagram 1: HANPHONE IVR administrative console
HANPHONE IVR administrative console
Diagram 2: Reference on public library’s call flow diagram
Reference on public library’s call flow diagram