Promoting the Common Chinese Language Interface Through eLearning

(Hong Kong, 15 May 2011) Under the Digital 21 Strategy for IT Development, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has established an open and common Chinese language interface to facilitate the use of Chinese in electronic communication by members of the public. Commissioned by the Chinese Language Interface Advisory Committee (CLIAC), KanHan Educational Services Limited (KanHan EDU) launched an online multi-media courseware targeting at Hong Kong primary and secondary school students in May 2011 with a view to acquainting them with knowledge of Chinese character encoding, Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set (HKSCS), Unicode and the applications of Chinese character sets.

key characters in coursewareThis is an online self-learning platform, comprising the 10-module courseware features interactive learning tools such as animation clips, quizzes and games. Three lovely comic characters are present to explain the key concepts of the Common Chinese Language Interface in an interesting way. They also serve as virtual guides throughout the course.

Key characters in courseware

courseware interface courseware interface 

In addition to the online courseware, KanHan EDU has produced a CD-ROM for offline access. A publicity campaign has also been planned to tie in with the launch of the courseware. Free copies of the CD-ROM will be distributed to schools to promote the adoption of the Common Chinese Language Interface in the education sector.

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