Senior Citizen Card Mobile App Developed By KanHan Launched With Great Fanfare

(Hong Kong, 15 November 2011) The Senior Citizen Card Scheme has been implemented in Hong Kong by the Social Welfare Department (SWD) since 1994. The card is issued to elders aged 65 or above to facilitate their access to discounts or priority services offered by Government departments, public organizations and private companies. Participating shops are now over 7000.

In line with the increasing popularity of smartphone, KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) has provided a one-stop service to SWD in developing the Senior Citizen Card mobile applications (The Apps). The stated Apps are now available on both iPhone and Android platforms.

User-friendly, setting on a bright-orange color theme, elders and their families can now find the latest concessions on their mobiles at any place any time.

Powered by a sophisticated Content Management System (CMS), obtaining up-to-date information from the internet to the App is within a tap. A unique real-time text-to-speech function supporting a choice of Cantonese, Putonghua and English is especially welcome by elders who would prefer hearing from the App because of deteriorating eyesight.

Senior Citizen Card Scheme interface
Concession information is divided into 3 main categories, namely Government Departments and Public Organizations, Organizations/Companies and Non-Governmental Organizations for multiple districts, and Organizations and Companies by districts. Users can look for concessions in various districts, merchandise or services that best suit their needs.

The Apps have won numerous accolades amongst users.

Comments quoted:

"App interface is very simple and clear. Under the 3 main categories, there are subcategories include restaurants, clinics, Chinese doctors, shopping centers, etc."

"Each item shows with telephone number and address, plus the text-to-speech reader, make concessions searching very convenient! Elders can pick the language they can understand and tune up or down the volume of the speaker thru a simple click."

"I didn't realize before that there is quite an amount of shops offering concessions to the elders. I think the elders or their families should download this App because it is very convenient!"

KanHan looks forward to helping more government departments deliver instant messages to Hong Kong citizens by developing more innovative Mobile Apps, broaden the horizons of electronic communication in e-marketing areas.