A gentle beep for Hong Kong Stoma Association’s members

Hong Kong Stoma Association

Maintaining member record and activity enrollment is essential for an association.Hong Kong Stoma Association (The Association) has admitted over thousand members since its establishment in 1979 and is urgently in need of a computer system in organizing and recording their conditions and activities. The desired membership system, designed and developed by Kanhan, is launched this year to record member activities in a more timely fashion. Whenever members and their relatives attend events at The Association, a portable card reader will record the newly introduced 2D barcode printed membership card presented by them for their attendance into the new system.

As a member of The Association, Ms. Wong said, “Using the membership card is more convenient and time saving, especially useful for large events which used paper record in the old days.  The new membership card is definitely a more efficient way in keeping our records. One beep, one record.”

In addition, the portable barcode reader conveniently helps staff keep enrollment records for all outdoor or in-house events, drastically reducing the administrative chores.

The Association organizes regular support group meetings for members joined in two years on change adaption from ostomy.  The new system can also print a registration form for staff to record attendance and other remarks manually.

Hong Kong Stoma Association Website

The new membership card carries the same warm and soft color tone as of the Association’s website also designed and developed by KanHan. 

Hong Kong Stoma Association membership card

For more details of the membership system, contact us at (852) 2851 3020 or email to info@kanhan.com for further arrangement.