Voice thru internet: HanVOICE extends web accessibility to elderly

(Hong Kong, 31 Dec 2012)

With the popularization of Internet, government and NGOs have been increasingly encouraging the elderly to make the better use of IT technologies in particular the Internet in bettering their quality of life from connecting to the community with the latest news and information. Earlier in 2009, the Hong Kong Society for the Aged (SAGE) was awarded by the HKSAR Government to develop a one-stop dedicated portal for the elderly named “eElderly” (http://www.e123.hk/en). This elder-friendly, easy-to-use portal provide elderly and their families a powerful data bank that incorporates services and information, social networking and elder services, aiming to help elderly people obtain necessary information with ease in relaxed and safe manner.

However, not every elderly feels comfortable to use computer and access to internet. This year, SAGE applied a web-based voice enabling solution - HanVOICE which developed by KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) to activate an online speech version of “eElderly” in order to help the elderly, the visually impaired and people with reading difficulties listen from the Internet like radio . By integrating the state-of-the-art text-to-speech technology (TTS), HanVOICE converts text contents into speech instantly supporting Cantonese, Putonghua for Chinese and English. Users can listen to the information of the website without any additional software installation.

Not only converting text content into voice, HanVOICE even allows user friendly control of web navigation by numeric keys on keyboard (For example, Jump to next part or Back to previous page) without using the mouse.
For more information of eElderly's speech version, please click here (Chinese)
eElderly's homepage : www.e123.hk/en

eElderly's homepage

Pic 1& 2. Text content from the website can be easily transformed into speech

HanVOICE is a locally developed technology partially funded by Government's SERAP funding scheme and best known as the China nomination to compete in the Asia Pacific APICTA award in 2004 and United Nation's World Summit Award in 2005. This solution opens up an alternative way to surf in internet for visually impaired persons (VIP), elderly, people with reading difficulties and even those computer illiterates in rural areas. In addition, KanHan has wealth of experience in conducting the Web Accessibility Gap Analysis and Rectification Service for the websites of many HKSAR Government departments.

Government Department / Organizations using HanVOICE:
Hong Kong Post
Chengdu Municipal Government
HKSB Information Accessibility Centre
China Disabled Person's Federation

For more information and system demonstration of HanVOICE, please contact KanHan Technologies Limited by calling: (852) 2851 3020 or send an e-mail to info@kanhan.com