Promote Plastic Shopping Bag Charging using mobile application

(21 May, 2015) KanHan Technologies Limited (KanHan) was invited by Environmental Protection Department to develop “PSB Charging” mobile application to promote plastic shopping bag charging with short stories and mini games to reinforce public’s understanding of the scheme thru an interactive way.

“PSB Charging” mobile applications is available in both Apple app store and Google Playstore. 3 languages including Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English is selectable in the application. By KanHan-developed 10 animated short stories with voice over featuring various scenarios of the policy applies in daily life, together with mini games illustrate well PSB charging under different business groups. In addition, the campaign website ( was built by KanHan to synchronize relevant information.

“PSB Charging” mobile application is connected with “Waste Less” mobile application which is another mobile application under Environmental Protection Department which developed by KanHan. Users can access the “Waste Less” mobile application directly from the top right hand corner of “PSB Charging” mobile application.

(The main page of PSB Charging mobile )

(The landing page of PSB Charging mobile application)

(Short stories of PSB Charging mobile application)

(Animated stories for different PSB Charging scenario)

(5 mobile games to explain full implementation PSB Charging)

Download PSB Charging: