Roster Management System Powered by HanPHONE IVR

It is not uncommon for enterprises having to manage multi-locations of their business. Physical security of premises is usually their first concern.  Teams of guard are deployed round the clock in securing safety of different facilities.  Thus managing guards’ duty roster and their periodic reports cannot be handled effectively by administrative staff at the headquarters.  Many web based and/or mobile phone applications may provide the solution but is not cost-effective and requires guards some knowledge of using computer assisted automated system and worst to be equipped with new generation of smart phone.  

A local utility corporation has come up an idea that can be inexpensively addressing the need by setting up an interactive voice response (IVR) system that guards can dial in to check their rosters, report duties and anomalies.  KanHan’s market leading HanPHONE IVR system was chosen to supply the IVR solution with a range of web based management and reporting modules and is physically integrated with the corporation’s existing Nortel PABX phone system.

Functions in the system include:

Call ID(1) Caller Identity Verification

Pre-registered guards’ phone numbers (mobile phone, TETRA phone or landline telephone) will be used as keys to validate the caller.  Incoming calls not from pre-registered phones will be transferred to operator for manual handling.



(2) Schedule Management

An administrative module is provided for schedule management.  Guards can conveniently call in to know their work schedule.  The module also provides late duty call report and instant alert to management for prompt action.

Schedule Managment Screen














(3) Extensible IVR Call Flow System

The Call Flow System determines what to announce and record in accordance with call’s key pad input.  Call Flow can be modified to reflect changes in management logic.  Here is the present call flow logic.

(4)  Report System

This function allows management to lookup call-in records by location ID, reporting time range and status.   Downloadable reports can be generated by multiple filters for further analysis.











In addition to system development, voice script recording service is also included in Cantonese and Putonghua for announcement.  Thanks to HanPHONE IVR’s market proven fast deployment structure and KanHan’s extensive telecom and web development experience, it takes less than 4 months from user requirement collection, design to full implementation.