eLearning platform

The combination of KIDPTH (www.kids.putonghuaonline.com), TEENS (teens.putonghuaonline.com) and the adult oriented e-Putonghua (www.putonghuaonline.com) is the most comprehensive online Putonghua learning platform available in the market serving the needs of avid Putonghua learners from six year old to those well into their sixties.

The eLearning platforms are:

e-Putonghua (http://www.putonghuaonline.com)

This is a unique & comprehensive REAL-TIME language training platform for serious learners to use the platform for learning PTH in a hassle-free manner.

In addition, associations are capable to boosting staffs’ knowledge in Putonghua.

(KIDPTH) is Hong Kong's first integrated learning and teaching platform aims at fulfilling Curriculum Development Council of Education and Manpower Bureau's long term goal of teaching Chinese in Putonghua. It is an online curriculum design for primary one to six students by Putonghua teachers with extensive experience in training.

Teens PTH
The TEENS platform caters to the diverse Putonghua learning needs for F.1 - F.7 students. Each form has its own specific learning materials in accordance to the goals set upon by the EMB curriculum guidelines. For higher forms, vocational based materials from 5 industries are available to expose the seniors to the job market requirements in Putonghua.

KanHan Chinese Language Learning Portal
Equipped with comprehension assessment and voice recording in Putonghua and Cantonese, The “KanHan Chinese Language Learning Portal” is developed to cater for schools’ transitional and long term needs in teaching Chinese using Putonghua with periodically updated contents aimed in alleviating teachers’ workload and aiding students in learning Chinese outside the text book scope.