HanPhone:Case Study ─ A Public Utility

HanPhone IVR helps Public Utility Improve Customer Service
A reliable, convenient and efficient customer service is corner stone to any successful Public Utility company. Maintenance service is especially important to warrant reliable utility supply to customers. And central to any maintenance service is an efficient booking system via telephone enabling customers to call for scheduled service at their convenience. In order to cope with business expansion without having to hire more telephone operators, an ideal system is one that can be automated using computer based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology.

The present IVR system installed in the Public Utility has in recent years failed keeping pace with the latest web based technology of which many of her latest corporate applications have been built on, thus making programming new service booking functions difficult using the new corporate databases. Moreover, the proprietary IVR system is becoming ever expensive to maintain. Therefore, the Public Utility has begun to look for a replacement system which is more cost-effective to maintain and provides an open technology platform that can be easily integrated with the present corporate databases and applications since early 2006. After due consideration of the available technologies from overseas and domestic, the Public Utility has opted HanPhone IVR technology for the development of a new generation of maintenance booking system.

KanHan impressed the Public Utility during the selection period by developing a prototype to demonstrate the key advantages of HanPhone IVR in a short time. The prototype clearly won over the competitions by proving no major modification to the present corporate applications is needed using HanPhone IVR's web based platform, thus reducing the cost and shortening the time for launching the new system. The Public Utility is especially satisfied by KanHan's customer service manager who has provided quality implementation service guiding the organization's technical and service staff to a smooth transition from the old system.

Technology wise, HTML webpage language is used to develop the complex call flow which connects to the web using ASP program and access to the organization's Siebel customer relationship management system. Fax server function is also integrated into the system for fax confirmation of scheduled booking.

HanPhone IVR is an award winning, innovative web-based voice application platform for the design and creation of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Its unique web-based development environment makes creation and maintenance of IVR system as easy as developing a website and allows telephone users accessing real-time information from the web. Furthermore, the web-based management interface allows users to control the IVR system easily anywhere from an Internet connected PC. And best of all, common webpage editing tools can be used to edit the procedure and content of the IVR system so as to fit the organization's specific purposes.

HanPhone IVR provides customers of the Public Utility an easy to use and convenient maintenance booking system using only a telephone. By just tapping a few keys in identifying themselves and selecting the available time slot, a booking can be scheduled in a few minutes time. If the customer desires, the call can be transferred to customer service representative for additional information. To the Public Utility, HanPhone IVR provides a cost-effective booking system with minimal manpower requirement in servicing the maximum number of customer calls possible from the available telephone lines. Its tight integration with her customer relationship management system ensures most updated information and new functions be incorporated easily.