HanPhone:Case Study ─ Well-known Financial Institute

HanPhone IVR Enables Dynamic Warrant Hotline for Financial Institute
With blazing demand of investment in Hong Kong Stock Market, a leading financial institute (FI) within the global marketplace for convertibles and equity derivatives is facing mounting pressure fielding customer enquiries for her highly demanded warrant products. With only a limited number of telephone agents, the FI planned in 2006 for an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that could increase multifold her telephone based enquiry handling capacity. Contrast to the traditional IVR system, the new system needs to equip with the latest database and text-to-speech technologies that allow the up-to-the-minute warrant information be read to the callers in real time without resorting to actual voice recording. Moreover, the IVR system is required to prompt the traders in their PC screens for action for warrants without quotation. In short, The FI is looking for an advance IVR system tightly integrated with a custom made agent program, a solution not readily available from either an IT company or an IVR supplier.

After due consideration of the available technologies from major local IVR and IT vendors, HanPHONE IVR was chosen in late 2006 to be the technology platform for the dynamic hotline system because of its open web-based technology, built-in Cantonese text-to-speech support and KanHan's technology development and support capability. Just in a few weeks' time following the confirmed order, a prototype was developed and installed in KanHan's HanPHONE IVR hosting service to facilitate the FI's testing and communication with KanHan engineers. The conveniently available testing service greatly shortened the development cycle. The final system inclusive of hardware and software was delivered in February 2007 for official launch.

The warrant hotline IVR system is powered by two industrial grade PC servers each equipped with a 4 channel telephony interface allowing a total of 8 simultaneous callers. A bridging database, of which all enquiries are directed to, is maintained by the IVR system hosting the latest warrant information fed by FI's central database server whenever changes happen. Should an enquired warrant is missing in the database; the IVR system will activate an agent program prompting the traders in their PC screens to select one of many options in response to the callers. Callers can also select to leave a voice mail that will be forwarded to a trader's mail box. All enquired information such as commentaries and quotation are converted from text to voice using the embedded Cantonese text-to-speech technology in real-time for callers to listen over the phone.


The new warrant hotline system handles far more prospective customer enquiries than before. The anticipated growth in business brought in by the increased enquires makes the investment easily justifiable and saving is substantial comparing to hiring additional agents in handling same amount of enquiries. In addition, the new system allows traders accessing to the first-hand customer needs from call enquires such that new warrant products can be designed more responsively to market demand.

Technology wise, the open web-based HanPHONE IVR technology platform allows the FI's IT team to maintain and expand the system using standard technologies by themselves, an ability not available from proprietary IVR systems. In this regard, it provides the FI investment protection with no worry on obsolesces in technology.

HanPhone IVR is an award winning, innovative web-based voice application platform for the design and creation of IVR system. Its unique web-based development environment makes creation and maintenance of IVR system as easy as developing a website and allows telephone users accessing real-time information from the web. Furthermore, the web-based management interface allows users to control the IVR system easily anywhere from an Internet connected PC. And best of all, common webpage editing tools can be used to edit the procedure and content of the IVR system so as to fit the organization's specific purposes.