HanPhone:Case Study ─ Well-known Fast Food Chain

HanPhone IVR Helps
helps Well-known Fast Food Chain to promote
Even though the business becomes increasingly prosperous, it is still essential for well-known fast food chain to organize promotional activities regularly in order to increase brand awareness and traffic flow to outlets. Recently, an e-bidding for Canto-pop singers' memorabilia is performed by well-known fast food chain . However, the traditional web-based bidding mechanism is not so effective to arouse customers' interest when computer and internet access are not available especially when patrons' bidding desire is spurred by the promotion leaflet while eating in the well-known fast food chain outlets. As a result, well-known fast food chain needs to find additional channel in promoting the campaign. Interactive Telephone System comes to be an ideal complementary solution.

To meet well-known fast food chain 's campaign requirements, the Interactive Telephone System has to be designed with the flexibility in adjusting the contents dynamically corresponding to customer feedbacks and the service provider has to have the technical and marketing experience in project planning for the telephone service deployment. After due consideration, well-known fast food chain chooses HanPhone IVR rental solution from KanHan Technology Limited for the campaign.

HanPhone IVR provides the Interactive Telephone System which allows patrons to bid alongside with those accessing to well-known fast food chain 's campaign website by just dialing a telephone number. The project takes only two week preparation from concept to actual delivery of the IVR bidding system using KanHan's existing telephone infra-structure. By integrating well-known fast food chain 's existing telephone system structure with KanHan's IVR infra-structure, well-known fast food chain staffs need minimal training in using the new system. In addition, KanHan provides quality post-sale service and adequate training to get well-known fast food chain familiarized with the new system. The rental-based HanPhone IVR platform provides maximum convenience and flexibility in planning and deploying marketing campaigns on an event driven basis requiring no investment for telephone infra-structure and most important of all, HanPhone technology synchronizes information release to the web and telephone users.

HanPhone Server is an award winning, innovative web-based voice application platform for the design and creation of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System. Its unique web-based development environment makes creation and maintenance of IVR system as easy as developing a website. The HanPhone web-based interface allows users to manage the IVR easily via any web connected PC. In addition, most commonly available webpage editing tools can be used to modify call flow and content of IVR systems developed by HanPhone technology.

The HanPhone powered well-known fast food chain IVR bidding promotion is an instant success receiving close to a thousand callers each day. The convenience of using only telephone or mobile phone to participate in the bidding is proven to be an effective way of attracting more customers to the well-known fast food chain outlets. When planning retail promotion via online and mass media channels, the role of an interactive telephone system is becoming more important than ever a cost-effective complementary channel attracting customers' instant response.