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HanPHONE IVR Professional Voice Recording Service

Introduction of HanPHONE IVR
HanPHONE IVR is a web-based software application designed to enable telephone users accessing Web contents and services of large enterprises in voice format.
HanPhone structure

By using KanHan's powerful Web-To-Speech technology, you can turn your website into an Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) easily.

HanPHONE fuses Internet and telephony technologies to allow telephone users listen to latest updates in websites and let webmasters focus on web infrastructure and contents with telephone access comes naturally.


Service Scope

Service Scope
A stable and comprehensive Telephone Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) creates close relationship with your target customers via telephones. HanPHONE provides the voice based IVRS communication platform compatible to organizations Internet based infrastructure for e-commerce and customer service applications.


system usage
System Usage
Information broadcast and service hotline

HanPHONE provides information broadcast interface for self-modification of content released in IVRS. Callers can listen to different information selectively. Typical usage includes telephone booking, activity announcement, product promotion, customer enquiry and real-time financial information.
Callers can acquire pre-set fax document thru the system. The fax content can change as per user's needs.
Call forwarding/Voice Mail Box
Incoming calls can be transferred to any designated phone number or system voice mailbox. All voicemail can be sent in the form of email.
Speech recognition
Caller can retrieve information, confirm personal identity and check bills through voice input.
Client can preset telemarketing format through HanPhone. System can generate outbound calls at preserved time to designated telephone number which is suitable for telephone promotion and marketing research purposes.

Advantages of using HanPhone
Advantages of using HanPHONE
  • Most cost effective in extending Web based customer services to telephone users
  • Establish better Customer Relationship Management
  • Inbound calls interflow
  • Easy to determine marketing campaign

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