Integrated eMarketing Promotion Service

Integrated eMarketing Promotion Service

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Product advertisement and market promotion get moving with each passing day. However, traditional media is no longer capable of satisfying modern day marketers' needs in reaching out to individuals for fast and even instant feedbacks. Apart from the Internet, communication channels through mobile phone using voice and SMS have gained popularity as new promotional media in recent years. Being the forefront Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology developer, KanHan leads the market in providing an integrated platform merging voice, SMS and if necessary fax all under one single Internet based interface in conducting all sorts of e-marketing campaigns. The KanHan integrated eMarketing Promotion Service is a one-stop shop on rental basis providing telephone lines, two-way SMS and fax gateways to campaign design, technical programming and execution. Most campaigns can be ready in a few weeks' time from design to launch.

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SMS service Through an internet account, SMS message can be delivered to any mobile located in Hong Kong and Mainland China without extra hardware installation.
1) Message Broadcast

SMS Broadcast - a new, simple and cost effective way to ensure your audience is never out of reach. With the SMS Broadcast Service provided by KanHan, SMS message can be delivered to mobiles located in Hong Kong or Mainland China through an internet access account. By using CSV format, user can have online address book for better data management

2) 2-way SMS
KanHan offers rental of mobile telephone number for SMS broadcast and receiving by automatic programming development. Upon client's request, 2-way SMS can be integrated with IVR System to enrich marketing campaign. Clients can access default administration section to review SMS broadcast status.

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eFax online A cost effective way to reach thousands of your customers that you have worked hard to establish.
1) Product Promotion
KanHan offers concurrent faxing service over multiple phone lines for customers that require high volume high throughput faxing campaign needs. With content-merge feature, clients can send personalized promotion materials. Dedicated fax line from KanHan provides stable service on Mass Fax Campaign. Clients can also have self-own fax line for personal use.

2) Information Broadcast
Combining fax function to IVR System can provide clients a way for message broadcast. By keying in fax number to the IVR system, user can receive instant message on printable version.

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fax to email Receive faxes straight to your email as an attachment without the need for a fax machine. fax to web Send and receive fax documents to and from any fax number via a web browser


HanPhone HanPhone
KanHan offers complete Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) marketing campaign services to both small and large businesses. Our services include all the necessary hardware, software and phone lines. No investment in new infrastructure is required. It is virtually an on-the-fly marketing campaign solution to many of our customers.


IVR systems process inbound/outbound phone calls, play recorded messages including information extracted from databases and/or over the internet, and potentially routes calls to either inhouse service agents or transfers the caller to an outside extension. Text messages of the databases can also be transmitted and converted to a voice message by using our award winning text to speech software engine. IVR System can be applied to following aspects

- Outbound Voice Broadcast
- Tele-marketing Survey
- Customer Service Hotline
- Ordering Entry
- Product Promotion
- Telephone Booking System
- Telephone Lucky Draw Campaign
- Voting System
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